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In our RTO Consultancy Services, we assist you in Driving Licence preparation, Renewal of Driving Licence and all sorts of RTO works, like Duplicate RC, Vehicle ownership transfer, Vehhhicle NOC, Change of address, Change of name, International Driving Licence, HP deletion etc.

There are two stages of driving licence preparation i.e. preparation of learners licence and permanent driving licence. Every individual applying for driving licence has to first apply for learner licence, then at least one month after issuance of learner licence the person can apply for permanent driving licence. During learners licence, the person has to clear the driving test at the concerned RTO office.

Following are the documents required for driving licence preparation –

  • Proof of Address: Any one of the following
  1. Passport
  2. Ration card
  3. Water bill
  4. Voter’s identity card
  5. Gas connection
  6. Bank account statement
  • Proof of Date of Birth: Any one of the following
  1. Passport
  2. Pan Card
  3. High School Certificate
  4. LIC Policy
  5.  Passport size photographs

Renewal of Driving Licence 

Renewal of Driving Licence is required before expiry of driving licence validity. The driving licence renewal process is similar to getting permanent driving licence i.e. the person may not have to undergo the process of learners licence preparation and driving test. Renewable of driving licence requires the applicant to visit to concerned RTO department for Photo and signature.

Other RTO Works

We provided full assistance in following RTO related works

  • Duplicate R.C. Book: In case you have lost your RC book, we will guide you through the documentation process and represent you with respective RTO office for issuance of Duplicate RC Book.

  • Vehicle ownership transfer : In case you want to transfer your vehicle in someone else’s name, we can assist you with the required documentation work and act as your representative at RTO to assist you through the process,
  • Address Change in RC book
  • Name Change in RC Book
  • Vehicle NOC : In case you want to transfer your vehicle to some other state, you need to first get NOC from RTO office of the state in which your vehicle is already registered. This NOC has to be submitted at the RTO office of the state where you want to register your vehicle within 45 days to avoid any penalty. We
  • HP Deletion : In case you had bought your vehicle through Bank Financing, the vehicle would be hypothecated (HP) with the bank and name of the bank would appear in your RC book. Once you have cleared the loan, you should get the HP deleted. We will take you through step wise procedure of getting NOC from bank for HP deletion in respective forms, required documentation and make your due representation with RTO office.
  • International Driving License : In case you are visiting abroad and want international driving licence, then please contact us with valid passport and visa and we will assist you in the process.


A Passport is an essential travel document for those who are travelling abroad for education, pilgrimage, tourism, business purposes, medical attendance and family visits. During the last few years, the growing economy and spreading globalization have led to an increased demand for Passport and related services.

Now the pan card is one of the mandatory documents India to dealing All the financial services. From 1 st July 2017 Applying for pan card Aadhar card mandatory. Only Aadhar card holder can apply for pan card. Pan card is one of the major financial documents.We Pan Card Agents In Vijayawada help you with all types of pan card like fresh pan card, Lost Pan card, Damaged Pan card and name change In the Pan card. Now its mandatory to aadhar and pan card should have same data, so will help with that as well.
As for the data, 60% of pan card rejected while applying online. because people don’t understand properly what documents need to submit, which way need to submit, how to properly fill the pan card application. In online for the small mistake, it will put on hold. But We are expert here so will properly be arranged to make the documents, fill it properly and submit the form manually behalf of you so there is no chance of rejection and you will get on time.
Documents for pan card

  • Date of birth proof
  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Aadhar card
  • Passport size Plain Background Photo.


A Voter ID, also known as EPIC (Electors Photo Identity Card) is a photo identity card issued by the Election Commission of India to all Indian citizens eligible to vote. The purpose of voter ID is to serve as an identity proof for voters, increase efficiency and prevent impersonation and fraud during free and fair democratic elections. This card is also commonly known as an election card, voter’s card, or Voter ID card.

Documents Required For Voter ID Card:
Applying for a Voters ID requires you to submit the following documents:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • Photograph


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